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South of Nick's - San Clemente

South of Nick's - San Clemente

Located in San Clemente is South of Nicks who was established in 2012 and from the start it has been wowing people ever since, it is a upscale Mexican restaurant that puts its own twist to the traditional with California flare. The restaurant is on the iconic El Camino Real and the restaurant itself is in a historic 1920's building that has its original wood beam ceiling, Spanish tile entrance and the original windows to go to El Camino Real. 

The inside is more of a modern showcase with an island bar and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your meal at. Some places have throw pillows to make the experience even more casual. 

For drinks they have the normal margaritas but also some unique ones like Spicy Watermelon and Prickly Pear and Cucumber. If you're not looking for that they also have beers and other mixed drinks. For non alcohol drinkers they have a wonderful mango black tea that is unsweetened.   

There menu is slightly different from the normal Mexican restaurants that are all over but the do have some of the items you expect to see like tacos, and burritos. 

For an appetizer I started with the Shrimp Taquitos, they are nothing that you are expecting, they are blackened Mexican prawns that are wrapped in a tortilla and slightly fried just enough to cook the prawns and have a delicate crunch. They serve it on a plate of five with avocado salsa and a chipotle ranch.  You could easily have two orders and call it a meal and they are the best seafood Taquitos I have ever had. 



For the entry I had the Chimichanga de Mariscos. it's a large burrito lightly fried filled with lobster, Mexican prawns, crab, and jack cheese. It is served with beans and Spanish rice along with sliced avocado and sour cream on top. It is not cheep but it is delicious and stuffed with seafood. To me the put at lest half of lobster tail if not a whole one (4oz) and hunks of crab through out. It is juicy so be warned. 


We also ordered the Seafood Chili Relleno. It is served open style and is not breaded or fried. It does have all the same seafood as the chimichanga and is served in a baking dish filled with a light ranchera sauce. 

If you are looking for something on the normal side I suggest the Mini Soft Taco Plater, you do have a choice of al pastor, carnitas, citrus chicken, and ranchera beef to make of your three tacos or you can choose just one style of meet. I recommend the al pastor this did not taste anything like it and with grilled pineapple it keeps it very succulent and most. It is a mild taste with the sauce only on the meet to give it another level of complexity to a pork dish I would eat all the time if cooked like that. 

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