The Fat Greek - Yucaipa

Established in 2008, owner Nick and his family opened the first Greek restaurant in Yucaipa


I ordered the California Gyro, Gyro Taco, Falafel, and Dolmades

The gyro taco is made on a small tortilla much is much like a street taco

They put the gyro meat chopped onions, tomatoes, tiziki sauce along with a mix of parsley and garlic on top. It is all the flavor of a traditional gyro but smaller and open face







The California gyro is there take on the additional by adding avocado and french fries inside. The flavors of the many complement the richness of the sauce along with the butter in the notes of the avocado very well there is a slight kick to it on the meet and spices on it. The chopped onion and it seems to be lost which is a big disappointment and the pita itself could be cooked a little longer to make it look so little doughy. The fries inside do nothing to help the flavor and to me could be left out and you would never know.