Welcome to my journey of the world through the deepest cultural aspect; Food. I document my adventures in food one dish at a time.

El Jacalito - Big Bear Lake

El Jacalito - Big Bear Lake

he salsa bar is filled with fresh made salsas, pickled carrots, radishes, & picked jalapeños made in house.

The mild one is a pick de Gillo and could be a gazpacho. They have a green one also and a hot one that still not to hot. But the star of the bar is the pickled carrots. The carrots are still very crisp with there sweet nature and the vinegar cuts it to the point of perfection.

I ordered the #53 combo plate,

Chile relleno, cheese enchilada & crispy taco combo 

Chile relleno, cheese enchilada & crispy taco combo 

The taco: The meat was fatty and had no flavor. It was also on the small size.

The enchilada : It was the typical cheese one and nothing special

The Chile relleno: the breading is very thick and saggy. The sauce on top is a light cream style and somewhat watered down. The chili it self is very tender in spots and tough others. The cheese inside is a little over cooked and chewy. It was to me to sweet. 







The Shredded Chicken Chimichanga:

First of all I ordered the chicken machaca Burrito!

The buritto itself is large. The chicken was very tender and moist. The fried burrito was very crisp. It was filled with beans, onions & cilantro to the point it could be over stuffed. The whole buriito is flavorless and needs the salsa.


The Torta I got was Carne Asada. There version of the grilled sandwich that is filled with meat, guacamole, lettuce & tomatoes.

The torta was also large and stuffed. The meat was very tender with little to no fat or gristle. To me it was aucualy undercooked as it was still somewhat tough to bite through and very pink for some peaces. The guacamole on it was very nice but I would not have called it guacamole but an avocado spread coz that's what it was mashed avocados. The flavors where better on this dish but still needed the salsa.  


If you are looking for Mexican food in Big Bear Lake, look somewhere else!

The sever did not get our order right and while i was ordering corrected her on another when wanting a Torta, she was going to place an order for a single taco.

The staff needs to be trained better and repeat the order back to make sure it is correct.

I love Mexican and this place is over priced and lacking in the flavors of the Mexican cooking. It is more geared for the tourist who want Mexican and not about have it it be authentic. 

Sushi Tomo - San Bernardino

Sushi Tomo - San Bernardino

Naan Cafe - Redlands

Naan Cafe - Redlands