Sushi Tomo - San Bernardino

Located in the North part of San Bernardino, right off the freeway to go to Cal State San Bernardino. Sushi Tomo is in a lil shopping and dining area and right next to Starbucks. 

Owner Jason opened  Sushi Tomo in early 2011 and has since made a name for himself as is an artist with sushi and a big asset to the restaurants in the Inland Empire. There are two other sushi chef's that have been trained by him and each puts there own little twist on the same dish, so do not be surprised if you go one time and order a specific roll and again the next to see it look different.

When going to eat here I highly recommend sitting at the bar.


The Ikura (salmon roe) salmon eggs are rich and creamy with a beautiful salinity. If you want this very light, try it with Soy Paper instead.


The Masago (smelt egg) has a great texture that is crunchy and sweet. The nori was a little tough and to me would be better with Soy Paper





he baked mussels are filled with crab and topped with spicy mayo, eel, sauce, masago and chives

It is very rich and has a delicate spice in the back. The cook it all in the shell so there is a little juice in it but it only adds to the depth and complexity of this. The mussels are sweet and very mild in flavor by them self and one was a little chewy but I expect that going in. 



The rainbow roll is exquisite and so mild, the fish on top is very fresh and melts in your mouth like butter, the nori though is slightly tough.

It is great by itself, but dipping it in there spicy mayo makes this roll pop but to have this roll you should ask for the ponzu, using that instead of soy and wasabi make the buttery notes of the fish come together more and brought a great citrus note that to me needed.


The Spider Roll is so rich and buttery with a perfect amount of crunch. The crab is cooked so well that it falls apart and melts






The salmon Collar is fully cooked and has a layer of starch that is so nice that it helps hold its shape. It goes so well with the Panzu sauce and helps cut the richness and fatter notes of the salmon

To me this is the BEST sushi restaurant in the Inland Empire and one of the best I have ever been to