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Carolyn's Cafe - Redlands, CA

Carolyn's Cafe - Redlands, CA

Established in 2005, Carolyn's Cafe recently moved to a larger location in Redlands off Brookside Ave. And San Mateo St. In 2014 Keith and Jan bought Carolyn's Cafe. 




The coffee cake, well to start they put a dollop of butter on top and as it melts. 







The eggswhere cooked perfectly with a good amount of yoke filling the plate. The bacon was undercooked and still chewy. The flavor is really nice donkey note that's like of oak or cherry wood. The avocado is just a hint under ripe but still very creamy but very fiberus. The green salsa is very clean with a sharp back heat that creams up on you.. The eanglsh muffin is just the same as all and have been tasted a little longer.

The only thing bad about this version is, They use way to much sauce and overpowers the dish along with makeing the muffin soggy. 

I had it with the fruit instead of potatoes and I was very surprised when it came out and it was fresh and not canned




The busker is moist with a buttery flavor. They are crisp on the outside and very moist on the inside.


The gravey itself is thick and has some meat but not much. It is not salty but is very creamy.

It does cool way to fast and solidifys to thick clumps. The meat in the gravey is over cooked and has gristle along with salty.

​[desi]gn cakes & cupcakes

​[desi]gn cakes & cupcakes

Thai Spoon - Highland, California

Thai Spoon - Highland, California