Mexico Cafe - San Bernardino

Established in 1951 and originally located on Route 66 on Mt. Vernon in San Bernardino, Mexico Cafe has become a local go to Mexican restaurant. 



The Deluxe Chimichanga

The Deluxe Chimichanga

Chimichanga with chili Colorado ,the filling Being 85 percent meat and the rest beans. The beef is slightly over cooked and was tough and dry. There was no fat or gristle.

Along with the meat the burrito is filled with beans and cheese. The beans are very Rich and made with lard. The cheese was over cooked and separated.

The sauce was on the sweet side and also had small pieces of meat incorporated through out.

The chimichanga did not seam to be fried at all even though it was a little crisp and was more of a wet burrito then anything. the tortilla was somewhat chewy and seemed to be a lil raw.