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Le Rendez- Vous - Colton, CA

Le Rendez- Vous - Colton, CA

Back in late to early November The Le Rendez-Vous closed in San Bernardino and re located in Colton. This is French cafe located as they say but not much there to say it is from the decor or abeyance.  The head chef, Manuel Gamboa, who was also the head chef at San Bernardino's fallowed to the new location also. 


They are tender, puffs are crisp and pair nice with the richness of the butter sauce

There is a fatty taste of the richness of the meat. The sauce is very garlic rich with parley.

The snails are Cooked a slight under and where not chewy in anyway.

The only problem is the there is to much oil and is overpowering

Each dinner is served with a house salad, or for an extra $2.99 Soup du Jour or $3.99 French Onion


The salad is made up of well the weed salad mix you can get from Costco with an added slices of cucumber and tomato. 

They do have a nice selection of dressings but I went for there in house made Cabernet dressing. 

It is sweet with a deep note of the wine along with notes of white paper and delicate herbs.

It is very smooth and delicate. A little bit is not enough but i recommend using it with some bread.


The duck breast is a good portion with the salad but on its own it is not enough. There is not any gristle and the duck is almost having a smoked taste to it.

I was disappointed in this do to the duck is over cooked and is slightly chewy. It is very tender though with a good layer of fat.

The fig sauce is sweet at first bite then the pepper hits you and burns. There was a small chunk of fig but there was to much pepper in the sauce 

The biggest complaint I have is the service, It took around two hours for a dinner with only one lady working five to seven tables. 

They are trying to do fine dinning but still have some need to find out what it is and how to accomplish it. 

The food is good not great but and the prices are high so lets hope they work out but I do not see them lasting long unless they service get a lot better



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