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Thai Cook by Joy - Cabazon & Redlands

Thai Cook by Joy - Cabazon & Redlands

Tom Yum with Blue Rice : 

Tom Yum with Blue Rice : 

The chicken is thigh meat, with shiitake mushrooms, onion, lemongrass, kafeer lime, Basil, and peppers.  

The chicken is most with very little fat on it. 

The mushrooms are cooked not mushy but some are really firm. 

There is some big chunks of lemongrass that is flavorful but really fiber.  

There is lots of heat to this and is somewhat overwhelming.  




Pad Thai Egg Roll

Pad Thai Egg Roll

This is a new take in the traditional of making it well fast food, and they did it spot on.

The roll itself is fried till crip with little oil dripping. 

Inside they used glass noodle instead of the traditional, a great move on this.

There is also onion, carrot and the traditional spices inside that keeps this flavor so well. 

There is a slight amount of peanut inside to for another salty crunch.

What makes this dish is the sauce, 

its much like the traditional sauce that has garlic, red onion,  but it is more condensed with more of a sour note from the Tamarind 



The Thai Omilette is made with egg, carrot, chicken, onion, and green onion then fried.  


The flavor is of Of the chicken with the vegetables coming subtlety through and the egg takeing on the flavor of the oil and itself. 

This is a delicate dish and does not hold up and cools very fast.  


The flavors are very good and the blue rice brings a sweet floral note to this.  




This new creation is a chicken sausage with 20 percent pork in a natural pork caseing.   

The spices inside include cilantro, lime, Coreander, salt, and chili pepper.   

The flavors of this incorporated into a new Sausage that is packed with flavor and great texture.  

This is one of the best sausages I have ever had and should be in stores with the unique flavors and perfect texture.  

Il Volo - Redlands, CA ( now Closed)

Il Volo - Redlands, CA ( now Closed)

​[desi]gn cakes & cupcakes

​[desi]gn cakes & cupcakes