Welcome to my journey of the world through the deepest cultural aspect; Food. I document my adventures in food one dish at a time.

The Meek House - Redlands, CA

The Meek House - Redlands, CA

Black Sesame Macaroon

Black Sesame Macaroon

The Black Sesame Macaroon is a big punch of flavor in a small package. 

If you are looking for a unique flavor then this is it, The filling is sweet with a great nutty flavor but very strong on the sesame flavor so that you are knowing you are eating it.

The cookie is sweet also and to me to sweet with a high amount of sugar along with honey. The topping of the sesame seeds are are great addition. 

Combined that meld well together but does need less sweetness.  

To me this is there best of their macaroons

Lemon Macaroon

Lemon Macaroon

The Lemon Macaroon as a whole is well not big on lemon but the filling is. 

 The filling is very well lemony and chewy. Flavor wise its like eating a lemon drop candy. It is not really sweet but you can taste the sugar in it. 

The cookie does not have any flavor of lemon but is heavy on almond. It is a little chewy also and dry.

Combined it doesn’t say lemon all the way through.  


To me this is a miss and can be improved on a lot  


This vegan & Guten free Pumpkin Chocolate muffin has the aroma of toast with a hint of toasted almond. 

The flavors are of banana and chocolate with a hint of butternut squash. There is hints of vanilla but no real taste of pumpkin. There is lots of chocolate in this and is probably masking the flavor of the pumpkin, a disappointment. 

It is very chewy and to me over cooked. 



This pastry is made with puff pastry dough then filled with chocolate and blueberry and topped with blueberry glaze.

This had the aroma of a butter cookie and a very sbtle note of the blueberry

The flavor is first the puff pastry. Once tiny get to the filling it becomes the flavor of the chocolate but not much blueberry. With the blueberry on top it brings it out along with a few on the inside. 



This is a rich cake that screams chocolate in every way with coconut on top

The cake is very moist with a little dry feel from the filling. 

The filling is a little chewy and dry with the texture of brown sugar but smooth. 

It is fully covered in chocolate frosting then dusted in coconut shavings

The coconut doesn’t bring much if any flavor to this at all and is a disappointment. 



This scone is made with coconut, chocolate chips and has a coconut frosting on top


The scone it self is burnt on the sides with a nice moist center.  

The coconut is very prominent in every bite alone with the chocolate. 


Lingonberry Danish

Lingonberry Danish

This danish is very prominent in cheese and dough aroma

The danish has a slight burnt outer buy in a really good way with the dough being buttery and moist

The Lingonberry is tart like is to be with a delicate sweetness in the back along with giving it a beautiful floral note. 

The cheese is sometimes overwhelming and does bring a sweetness to the tart Lingonberry.  


All in all this is a great Danish and worth the chance to get it if available  

Bottega - Yountville

Bottega - Yountville

The Lobster Trap - Avalon, CA

The Lobster Trap - Avalon, CA