The Breakfast Shack - Redlands

Opening in early 2018, this is located on State St. In the historical downtown; The Breakfast Shack is the third restaurant to inhabit this location and is doing very well as of this posting. 

The bundling is small and does get filled fast so expect a wate. Inside they have decorated it as a county home style with Americana and sayings posted. Just as the decor of this restaurant the menu reflects it to.  

Their most popular item is their country fried steak. The do have items that a vegetarian can eat but it is lacking. All of there breakfast items are served with hash browns or fried potatoes. They are heavy on the starches and the portions do seam to be large.  

The Country Benedict

The Country Benedict

This take on the classic is a great idea but not done well.  

The chicken fried steak was over cooked and dry. It did contain a small amount of gristle also.  

The eggs where over cooked , but that’s easy to fix, but even though they where over cooked they had a taste of vinegar to them.  

The buttermilk biscuits where light and maybe a little too light for this. They where also a little doughy like they where not cooked all they way. Also they where not flakey.  

The gravy was the best part of this. It was smooth with a creamy feel. The sausage in was cooked well but did also contain gristle and Fat. It was spiced heavy on pepper but a good country style gravy should. 

This was a special but by the sound of it a very common one

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict

The Crab cakes where filled with crab and not so much cracker along with spices and vegetables and herbs. They do have a little kick to them from the spice and is a great change then a cake thats not seasoned or even have any salt.

Again on their poached eggs where over cooked and did not have a runny center. This time they did not have a taste of vinegar so a big plus.

The Hollandaise was not sweet and had a perfect amount of Paprika to it that was not overpowering but did bring some spice to it. The only down point to the sauce was not enough lemon juice to taste it.