Bear Springs Bistro & Lounge - Highland

Located in the newly renovated Hamptain inn hotel thats now called Bear Springs. The restaurant is Located in the lobby and is called Bear Springs Bistro & Lounge. This hotel is part of The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.


This restaurant is as they say “ A contemporary dining space featuring an innovative and exquisite “ while the ambiance is the food is not.

Apon entering you do notice you are in a room with high-ceilinged room, The decor is done in shades of earthy tones of tans and browns plus a subtle pop of color. They did put in patterned carpet that to me should have been wood flooring instead. They do have banquettes with pillows to place behind your back. As art goes they have photos of landscapes around the area along with a few metal leaf sculptures on a single wall.


Seafood Eggs Benedict

Seafood Eggs Benedict

The Eggs Benedict are very well conceived and rather unique also, Fresh poached eggs, on an English muffin, house made hollandaise with lobster topped with lemon dressed arugula.

The hollandaise is very light and is only made to order so expect this to take a little longer.

They do give a generous amount of lobster and is in chunks that is sweet and expertly cooked.

The eggs where good great and had little taste of vinegar.

The arugula to me could be skipped but it did add a bright fresh note along with the peppery flavor

I would recommend this

Lunch and Dinner

Portabella Fries : Fries with Balsamic Marinated Portabellas, caramelized Onions, garlic Aioli, & Gruyere.

Portabella Fries : Fries with Balsamic Marinated Portabellas, caramelized Onions, garlic Aioli, & Gruyere.

This was an appitizer special, Portabella Fries. The Fries where crisp and moderately seasoned.

they are topped with Balsamic Marinated Portabellas, caramelized Onions, garlic Aioli, & Gruyere. The mushrooms where cooked very well with out being over or undercooked and having still a slight crisp note. The onion where just ok with out any seasoning to them but still tasted very good. The gruyere was melted over the mushrooms only and could have used some more as the amount didn’t have much. The garlic aioli well it was not heavy on the garlic or tasted like any was in it at all.


The Lobster Roll was good portion with a generous amount of lobster. The lobster inside was cold (really to cold and could have been warmed up just a little) and had no shell.

They use light lemon garlic aioli to hold it and and tasted more of just plane mayonnaise as it also had no flavor. They did add micro celery for texture but was barely noticeable, along with Tobiko (flying fish roe) for garnish and there was not enough to even tell it was there unless you looked for it.

The big problem of this dish is the flavor, there was none even though they say they use some but you can not taste any and needs the lobster needs to be warmed up a little.