Trolli - Sour WATERMELON Sharks

The candy looks of a chewy pink and green bodies with sour sugar.

The aroma is of fermented Mellon with a bubble gum sweetness.

There is just enough tang pairs with a sweet flavor but is more of bubblegum then watermelon to cut the sour note but still to me not sour enough.

The texture is very firm rather then a soft gummy candy and holds up better.

I would not recommend this as the flavor is not really of watermelon not the texture being good ether


Skittles - Wild Berry

The new addition to the ever vast flavors they make includes Strawberry, Mellon Berry, Raspberry, Wild Cherry and Berry Punch.

None of these have a unique aroma by them self ether


Strawberry -

The flavor is more of the cherry with a subtle alcohol note


Mellon Berry -

The flavor is of kiwi and honeydew and is very refreshing and not very sweet


Raspberry -

The flavor is so subtle that you can’t really tell what berry it is and is lost.


Wild Cherry -

The flavor is like a over ripe bing cherry and is better then most cherry candy out.


Berry Punch -

The flavor is of subtle hints of blueberry and raspberry but nothing too special to distinguish as a separate flavor.

This has some good flavors but the berry punch and cherry are to much alike and the same with the strawberry and raspberry. The best is the Mellon berry with it being great flavor and unique