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Waialua Soda Works - Kona Red

Waialua Soda Works - Kona Red

This new flavor is made by Waialua Soda Works  and Kona Red Antioxidant Superfruit of Hawaii

INGREDIENTS: Carbonated Water, Sugar Blend (Cane Sugar and Maui Natural White Cane Sugar), Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, KonaRed (Hawaii Coffee Fruit Extract), Fruit and Vegetable Juice For Color and Caramel Color.


First off let me start by saying I am also a coffee consultant and drink cascarra offten and can see on my other site,

Second I use to own stock in Kona Red (no I do not get products nor do they pay me for giveing them reviews, in fact I have lost $100's on them)  


Now that being said; 


The flavor of this of tart white cranberry that's is carbonated. 

It is not that sweet at all and is slightly unpleasant as you drink it almost like drinking sweetened and carbonated Robitussin at first. There is an off putting dry after taste like of chalk and sugar torts the end but once you get use to this it is mildly plesent. 

The Kona Red they put is is so little that the flavor of it is lost. 


                   I do think this is a good idea and worth it to try but I hope they reforulate and put more Kona Red into this and also bring the color from the Kona Red and not additives. 

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