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NutriVsta -  Pink Coconut Water

NutriVsta - Pink Coconut Water

This new style of coconut water is from young coconuts in Thailand

A bottle is 11.5 oz and has 90 calories, 45mg of Sodium, no added sugar, along with 45mg of Calcium, 540mg Potassium, and 25mg of Magnesium


The appearance of this is light pink that is cloudy


The aroma is very floral like of plumeria, and fresh coconut with a overwhelming note of lactose


The flavor is heavy on vanillin and a creamy note. There is a sweet floral flavor probably from the young coconut that has a high the level of sweetness that is not gritty but very smooth in texture. The finish is of a delicate cream note like of fresh ricotta cheese, plumeria and sweet taro with coffee blossom. 

Starbucks - Bottled White Chocolate Mocha

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