Welcome to my journey of the world through the deepest cultural aspect; Food. I document my adventures in food one dish at a time.

Starbucks - Bottled White Chocolate Mocha

Starbucks - Bottled White Chocolate Mocha

The aroma is of milk, white cocoa, and burnt sugar

The flavors are of cream with a sour note to it, honey, chicory, and a citrus like of sweet orange

There is no flavor of white chocolate in this at all

The body of this drink is very creamy with a smooth texture and velvety

There is an after taste that lives your mouth dry and with a sour taste

This is an ok drink but nothing that they say it is to be of nor would I go rushing or look for this

NutriVsta -  Pink Coconut Water

NutriVsta - Pink Coconut Water

Starbucks - Crystal Ball Frappuccino®

Starbucks - Crystal Ball Frappuccino®