Farmer Boys


This limited time item is made with  "fresh whole portabellas. No canned mushrooms allowed. Harvested from family farms, our portabella mushrooms are hand-sliced by our cooks and sautéed in savory garlic and Romano cheese"(Farmer Boys Website, 5-30-2017) 


 This Burger is more meat and cheese the mushroom. They use maybe a quarter of a mushroom and put it on top the cheese.    

The burger is nothing special to talk about.  

The cheese is overwhelming in creamy texture and flavor.  

The mushroom is ether over cooked or under not grilled correctly in any way along with saturated in garlic.


    This is a big flop and I can not recommend it at all!  



The chicken is well fried and seasoned well. They just rather used dry chicken or when fried it became dry. Ether way it's not pleasant.

Chicken BBQ Ranch Salad

Chicken BBQ Ranch Salad

The onions are fried very well and not to heavy in batter. The problem is that it's like eating fried salt. The over salted them to the point of needing water every bite.

The lettuce was crisp and still wet from being washed but not a big deal. Some pieces did have a sour and others a fishy taste. It is more of a mix though with carrot, and cabbage in it also. 

The tomatoes are ripe but not over with still some firmness to them and not sweet.  

The bacon crumbles where over cooked and was at times like eating a rock, left a lot,

The BBQ sauce does nothing for me and does not improve the salad in any way.

Shredded Cheddar Cheese and a Hard Boiled Egg finish this but really does nothing. I do like the cheese but the egg is just a waste. 

This burger made with 100% USDA pure beef, Pepper Jack cheese, crispy Jalapeno Hot Wheels, and their Fiery Farmer’s Sauce. 



The sauce is more of a chipotle spicy mayo but it's very smoky.

The meet is filled with gristle and overcooked. It has also been smashed down so it loses all the juices and very thin.

The cheese is this supposed to be pepper jack but more like a jack with a little specs of peppers in it are barely noticeable and flavorless. 

The jalapeño fry pieces are the only thing that gives us a little bit of spice and even then it is very very subtle.

The wrap is just there Salad in a tomato tortilla.  

The chicken can be there crispy or grilled. It's standard is crispy.  

Chicken BBQ Ranch Wrap

Chicken BBQ Ranch Wrap

The chicken itself is a hit or miss with parts being over fried or some with gristle and fat.  

The bacon bits are real dry and over cooked. some are to the point that it is like biting burnt cardboard. 

The onion strings are great and yes some are under or over cooked but the onion inside is still cooked well and some seam to be caramelized.  

The greens are just standard Salad mix with tomato.  

The BBQ sauce is very lite and barely even noticeable. The ranch is a great binder for everything but I do prefer the honey mustard for it.  

This limited item is well to start off the chili is skimpy along with the burger.

Chili cheese Burger

Chili cheese Burger

The flavor is good with the meat being over cooked. The chili is smooth and creamy with no heat in it at all. There is lots of gristle and fat in the chili. There does look like they added cheese curds in the chili.


The American cheese they put on doesn’t melt and is at times cold.


This is a good concept but does need to be fixed a lot to make anyone want it again, like more chili, bigger bun, add some heat to the chili, melt the cheese, add maybe pickles on the burger or lettuce and tomato.  



Chicken Cesar Salad

Chicken Cesar Salad

This is really a great version of this classic makeing it well California by adding Avocado.