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Le Maréchal - Cured w/ Herbs

Le Maréchal - Cured w/ Herbs


This swiss cheese is made in an artisanal style and prepared in the heart of the Vaud countryside where they get there hot milk delivered twice a day by 13 farms from the Vaud region.

According to there website :

“Only milk from the local countryside!
Le Maréchal is produced using milk supplied by 13 local farms. Respectful of nature and their cows, the local producers guarantee the quality of their milk which is naturally rich in Omega 3. The Omega 3 are also naturally found in the Le Maréchal cheese.”

  • Country: Switzerland

  • Cheese Texture/Type: Semi-firm

  • Cheese Milk Type: Cow


The texture is firm. The rind is also firm with a mix of herbs and spices.

The aroma is really not existent.  


The flavor :

The rind - The rind is very herbaceous like of sage, thyme, and a delicate floral hint

The Cheese -  This is very mild with notes of oak, rubbed sage, white pepper, lilac, dried peach blossom and walnut

Marin French Cheese - Petite Camembert

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