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M & M's - Starwberry Nut

M & M's - Starwberry Nut

This limited edition m&m was out for voteing for your favorite new flavor. 



In Strawberry Nut you get the colors red, pink and green. I am guessing to represent the colors of a stawberry (red for the berry, pink for the inside, green for the leafs and stem) but I don't know.


The aroma is of strawberry and chocolate with a sugar sweetness. 



I am confused on what they think strawberry flavor is. The flavor is more of an alcohol strawberry flavor  mixed with chocolate. It is not very strong and does not stay. 

There is a slight chalky aftertaste and leves your mouth dry. 


The Peanut center is just like all the other nut M&M's 



Parliament Chocolate - Tanzania: Kilombero Valley

Parliament Chocolate - Tanzania: Kilombero Valley