Welcome to my journey of the world through the deepest cultural aspect; Food. I document my adventures in food one dish at a time.

M & M's  - Halloween White Pumpkin Pie

M & M's - Halloween White Pumpkin Pie


These M&M's  came in three colors — orange, light brown and a very, very light orange that almost looked a cream. Most of the bag was the cream color, a big disappointment!

At first they are larger then the normal M&M’s and have an usual texture.

The flavor that was very much like the taste of a pumpkin pie but heavy on The allspice.  They all taste the same and they leave your mouth dry and chalky. 

The interiors are an off-white color. It was definitely denser and sweeter, but both the taste and aftertaste definitely said "pumpkin pie". But remember that this is not really Chocolate in these but coca butter that they added the flavor to. 


*I can not recommend this or even want people to try this as it is so awful in flavor and texture * 

Hershey's  - Candy Cane

Hershey's - Candy Cane

Chocolarder - 100% Pure

Chocolarder - 100% Pure