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Chocolarder - 100% Pure

Chocolarder - 100% Pure

The heirloom cacao cultivated by the Asháninka people is the perfect bean for showcasing in it’s purest form. Nothing else is added, leaving only natural flavours and sweetness that are coaxed and developed through the careful crafting of the chocolate maker. The holy grail for chocolate purists. 


Bean Varietal : Amazonian criollo

Bean Origin : Ene River valley, Peru

Cocoa : 100%

Grind Length : 26hrs

Conch Length : 42hrs

Ageing : 32days

Batch No : #03 





Aroma :

The aroma is of tobacco, coca powder, rubber, dried blackberry, black cadomom and banana  


Flavor  :

The flavor is tart and astringent with a dominant malt flavor. Notes of oro blanco grapefruit pith and burnt oak are the next major flavors followed by a very subtle note of soil and ash. 

   I can not taste and banana leaf or nut in this at all 


Mouthfeel  :

The body is heavy and chewy with a smooth coating.  It has a lingering and dry unbalanced sharpness to it that is well dull. 

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