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Trader Joe's - Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Bar

Trader Joe's - Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Bar

According to their websites description

 “We’ve partnered with a renowned chocolatier (that’s a really good place to start when you’re dreaming up delicious chocolate ideas, by the way). They begin with dreamy dark chocolate made with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids for a bittersweet bite. They ratchet up the richness and complexity by mixing in real TJ’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, molding it into an impressively sized bar, then sprinkling the bottom with finely ground coffee beans just before it sets. For the finishing touch, this bold, chocolate concoction is filled with velvety chocolate ganache and gooey, cold brew coffee-infused caramel. The result is a smooth, strong, multilayered bar sure to stir your senses.”




The chocolate is deffentaly there in taste and aroma but does lack the coffee aroma.


The chocolate and the caramel filling are infused with coffee, and you can really taste that In the caramel, it's more subtle Then overpowering. At notes you can't even  taste coffee with the outer chocolate layer.





I'm not saying that this if any of the coffee flavor in this chocolate bar is distinctly cold brew or just artificial flavoring that's was used to market this.


It is definitely worth trying and maybe getting a few because you will not want to share.  


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