Kollar Chocolates - Meyer Lemon Sorbet

This sessional sorbet is made from local Meyer lemon and natural cane sugar. 


The flavor is tart at first with a lingering taste taste of the pith.  

It is very lemon forward and is soft with small crystal formation.  

As it melts it’s becomes the consistency of a curd.  


This is A fabulous version of lemon sorbet and on a hot day a refreshing relaxation 


Crepes Bonaparte - HazelBerryAna®

This crepe is made to order and filled with fresh strawberrys and bananas then topped with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle. 


The crepe itself is soft and delicate like it should be with no doughy or under cooked parts. The batter is not real sweet and to me should be a little more to be more authentic.

The strawberries are picked to me the day or at most three days before and cut to order keeping them from being tart or mushy. All are ferm and sweet along with haveing there juices covered in them.

The banana is well just like any other and had no brown spots or mushed parts ether. All are ferm with a great texture and taste.  

And lastly this would not be a crepe with out Nutella and they do use it and not that much drowning the crepe in it just use I got it to bind all the fruit together. 


The only downfall in this is the toppings; The whipped cream is from a can and you can tell and the chocolate sauce is also from a bottle and watered down because it was really runny and thin. 


HazelBerryAna®: fresh strawberries, sliced banana & Nutella topped with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle

Tempura Grill - Apple Pie Egg Roll

This new item is made with a Granny Smith apples been interested with cinnamon and sugar on top with whip cream and caramel sauce.  

 The apples are  to me soft with a slight al Dente texture but some are softer then as most to make them creamier.

The dough around is fried to perfection with it keeping its form even with all the sauce being soaked up.

The caramel sauce was a great addition with the sweetness of this but as it is not made in house but from a bottle a slight disappointment. 

The whipped cream well I am not a big whipped cream person and haveing from a can but this with the caramel and cinnamon on it is so good. 


I do like this but I hope they do make their own caramel sauce and if so maybe put a lil salt in like but if not and keeping with Asian influence clove or ginger.



Loaded Buns - Cubano

This version a a take on the original with a 6oz Beef patty added  


The Patty is cook the perfections but it is lacking in flavor. 

The ham is ok, It is packeged and the put on the grittle to crisp it up but it is not crisp throughout. 

The cheese was flavorless and more like a afterthought than anything.  

The pickles are crisp and good flavor but are sweet when a crisp dill would be better  

The two big problems with this is 1. Way to much mustard on it makeing it more the flavor of it then the rest of it; and 2. The bread can not hold up to the items and becomes very soggy fast. 


Other then the two problems the flavors and taste are really good 




My Lucky Thai - Coco Shrimp

This is a fried shrimp covered in coconut.  


The shrimp are cooked to perfection and not tough at all.  

The coating is well a standard panko bread with very little coconut in it.  

There does ceam to be some basil in this to and brings a refreshing taste to this. 

The sauces you have are miled, it's really sweet and made with honey

The hot sauce is better but still lacking in pepper


There is no oil dripping or anything like on the bottom.  

The bigiest problem I have is price, $7 for 6 pieces of generic store shrimp.  





Rolling Sushi Van - Hot Night Roll

This roll is made by Rolling Sushi, a food truck, is made with crab, and shrimp Tempura inside and topped with spicy tuna, crunch, eel sauce, and spicy mayo.  


The tempura is moist and not reall crunchy and cold. The crab inside is the normal crab filling but has less mayo holding it together. 

The spcey tuna on top is put on like a piece of fish and is very well spiced with not to much of heat except at the finish.  

The eel sauce is a little to sweet.  

The spicey Mayo is ok nothing special on it just mayo and suratcha mixed together.  

The wasabi is way to watery and not flavorful at all.  


I did get 8 pieces  for $13 and is slightly high but in Sushi trucks go I do not know.  


I would try this if you have a chance coz it is good.  





The Crazy Fish - Tostada

This caviche tostada is made with Swai and stats on a regular tostada shell then topped with a avocado mayo then the fish and topped with a few slices of fresh avocado. 


The flavors are well balanced and has great texture.

The fish is fresh and still moist with no fishy taste.

The tomato and pepper are not really notable. 

The only problem is the lack of citrus, it needs to be more up front and preferably lime




Tempura Grill - Banana Splt Egg Rolls


This desert made by Tempura Grill located at Redlands Market night is a unique interpretation of the classic banana split. 


The bananas to me could be softer then as most like furm to make them creamier.

The dough around is fried to perfection with it keeping its form even with all the sauce being soaked up. 

The strawberry sauce is a little over sugared but is nice with big chunks of strawberry through out. 

The chocolate sauce was a disappoint as it is not made in house but from a bottle.  

The whipped cream well I am not a big whipped cream person and haveing from a can is not so good.  


   I do like this but I hope they do make their own chocolate sauce and if so maybe put a lil spice in like of chili or cardamom but if not and keeping with Asian influence clove or ginger. 



Sweetpea & Me - Watermelon Cupcake

The Cupcake is very moist and spongy with a deep flavor of watermelon but more of a candy watermelon. There is a slight sour note also to the cake that is very nice to the sweetness. 

The center has been hallowed out and filled with vanilla podding. It is very solid with the creamy texture still present. The podding does have a slight lemon back note but tastes much like what you make from a box. 

The frosting on top is very hard and overly sweet. To me there is to much sugar and another fault is that there was some granules in it giving a crunchy feel that is off putting. It was probably do to the sugar was not fully incorporated. 


I do like the cake part of this but the rest is a loss and the frosting was just a disaster.

BK Subs - Hot BBQ Beef

It's served on a French roll that is toasted well. The beef tastes like packaged and dry. The beef though has no fat or gristle.  Some of the beef is tough to chew and over cooked.

They puts Luke warm BBQ sauce on and it's from a bottle not home made. I opted for the onions and pepperchinis on it also and they do help it with some taste.

This needs a slice of cheese at lest to bring out some flavor and texture.




Jay's Gourmet Hot Dogs - Rancho Cucamonga

So this is on there New York Dog, made with caramelized onion sauce, sauerkraut, and brown mustard on a 100% Dog. 


The Onion Sauce is slightly smoky with a hickory note to it and overly sweet with tomato. The onion is very crisp and not carmalized but more tords the slightly cooked.  

The Sauerkraut is basically the same as you get out of a jar just put on wish it was a little cook through or hot. 

The brown mustard is not even a little tin you also little sweet disappointment on it.  

The Dog itself is much like a hotdog you would get out of the store with very little flavoring in it which is a big big disappointment but at least they could've had a little more texture or flavoring and spices in the dog Itself

And the roll is your standard hotdog bun which can't even hold out to the weight or anything to this dog it just falls apart which is a horrible horrible thing, it's overly cooked or steamed and very very weak in texture to the point it's really soft. 


 This is a big disappointment in flavor text your hand and quality. Also it's a little high priced at over five dollars for a hotdog. 



My Lucky Thai - Basil Taco

They are made with pork,  fresh chili peppers, garlic and basil 


first bite you get to the flavors of the Chili's first with the dry note of the tortilla that they use and dry pork meat 

The dish as a whole is slightly sweet with sugar.  


The chili sauce they have is sweet at first but packs a punch later in the back leaving your mouth salivating and dry needing water.  

There peanut sauce is over sweet and bland. The peanut is not there in taste and over powers the tacos.