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Dos Amigos Tortas    Highland, CA - California Torta

Dos Amigos Tortas Highland, CA - California Torta

This torta is made with Asada Steak, Bacon, Ham, American Cheese, Lettuce, Onion, Avocado, Beans & Dressing. 


The Asada is very tender with a great taste of char but is slightly dry.  

The bacon is fatty with little meat on it but the meat is crisp with a creamy flavor. 

The ham is very tender and grilled with spices and chili bringing it to a great flavor combination that makes this torta.  

The American cheese is well a big disappointment as it is from I am guessing Kraft single when they could of put a mild mexican cheese instead.  

The lettuce is iceberg and wan not surprised but it was wilted and some parts where brown. 

The onions where raw and to me an excellent choice but there was to much.

The avocado was ripe, creamy, and sweet.  

The beans well there where not enough to make a difference and i did not even know they where on until i looked for them.  

The dressing is a avocado creama that is watery and tasteless.  



Dos Amigos Tortas - Tacos

Dos Amigos Tortas - Tacos

The Crazy Fish - Tostada

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