Ponzu Sauce

HOW TO USE: This sauce has as many uses, if not more, than soy sauce! I use it for salad vinaigrette, dipping tataki (seared meat or fish)or sashimi (raw fish), glazing meats (it works wonders on chicken), and I also use it as a base for creating new sauces.

Recipe serves.  1 ½ Cups

[Photograph: J. Kenji López-Alt]

[Photograph: J. Kenji López-Alt]

Ingredient.                       Amount.     

Shogun ( Soy Sauce).                   1 cup  

Lemon Juice.                               ½ cup

Lime Juice.                                1/4 cup

Rice Wine Vinegar.                    1/4 cup      

Mirin.                                          1/4 cup.                   

Katsuboshi (fish flakes).             ½ cup  


1. Add the liquid ingredients together and stir in a pot until it comes to a boil

2. As soon as the sauce boils, add the katsuboshi and take the sauce off the heat

3. Allow the fish flakes to season in the sauce for at least 30 minutes to 2 hours

4. Strain the sauce and chill it (covered) in the fridge

5. Once the sauce has cooled, you can pour it into a sauce bottle and enjoy it on your favorite sushi roll.