Kona Brewing Co. - Pineapple IPA

ABV :   6.7%       Style : IPA


The apperance is pretty golden hazey copper with about a millimeter off-white head and no lacing

The aroma is pineapple forword with lot more dry and and toasted malts/grains up front than most, lots of citrus like of maderin with a bit of earthly sandalwood tone, and a sweet surgery note that's reminiscent of lychee

The taste is huge punch of pineapple with a bitter up front from the alcohol and hops, nice sugar,  west coast style yeast w/ a bit of fermented cherimoya and lots of citrus notes like that of lemon, some hit of pear and thyme along with a faint hint of oak.

This is beer is big pineapple flavor but the alcohol is so strong that it doesn't have any depth or body to this.