Cowgirl Creamery - St. Pat

As Stated on website

“Our spring seasonal cheese, St Pat, has a distinctive leaf-wrapped rind that commemorates the arrival of spring in Marin County. Made with single-source, organic milk from John & Karen Taylor’s Bivalve Dairy, these rich, creamy wheels are covered in wild nettle leaves harvested by Paradise Valley Farm in Bolinas.”


The aroma is very strong of herbs and mushrooms with subtle hints of nut

The flavor is strong and sharp with a taste of plane kombucha and a deep floral hint like of jasmine when eating.

The rind is where the major flavor is with notes of herbs like sage, oregano, thyme, and rosemary along with notes of mushroom.

The texture is firm with a slight soft hint if you leave it out from room temp.

The is a good cheese but not the best by them but a very unique one I would Suggest to seek as it is very seasonal